'Building Drug-Free Communities’

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Southern Hse Bldg 5th Flr, Murang'a Road,

P. O. Box 20138-00200, NAIROBI.

                     Tel: +254 720 316 019

+254 722 866 906

Email : info@cadcke.org

The community anti-drug coalitions of Kenya (CADCKE) is an umbrella organization of multi-disciplinary registered civil society organizations seeking to make an impact in the area of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) in the country by using community level interventions; where communities themselves act as agents of change.

Founded in 2013 with the technical Support of Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America(CADCA) and NACADA, CADCKE Supports a comprehensive data driven approach to prevent ADA across diverse vulnerable groups including the underage, the youth and the general population. This is achieved by addressing issues within the communities that increase the risk and the likelihood of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse.

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—––––- ABOUT US  ––––––

CADCKE represents 4 Coalitions in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kwale & Murang’a with more than 100 member organizations. CADCKE is part of a global movement of over 200 international coalitions around the world started by CADCA. The coalition model is adaptable around the world and is effective in controlling problems associated with illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and the abuse of prescription medicines.

CADCKE and her member Coalition members work through formal arrangement for co-operation and collaboration between groups or sectors of the community in which each group retains its identity but all agree to work together towards a common goal of building a safe, healthy and drug free community.

CADCKE thus provides the hardware of driving Prevention Science: A multidisciplinary field devoted to the scientific study of the theory, research, and practice related to the prevention of social, physical, and mental health problems, including etiology, epidemiology, and intervention.  

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